"Our Yorkie had a broken leg.  We went everywhere to give her relief, and surgery to repair her fractured leg.  However, this treatment wasn't working, in fact she developed an infection.  I finally came to Ark & Bark Animal Clinic.  Dr. Butler was able to diagnose and treat my pet accurately.  After the infection cleared, Dr. Butler removed the old implant and used a surgical technique that actually worked.  I can't recommend Dr. Butler enough." -- Tracy W.-- Palm Bay, FL

"Thanks for making it easier on me by coming to my house to put him down.  It meant a lot, I miss him so much it hurts!  It's too bad people aren't as good as animals are.  Bless your office and for being such a kind Vet.  Your card you sent was beautiful.  Love, Ret and Robert -- Orlando, FL

"We had a Quaker parrot, with a broken wing.  Dr. Butler pinned the wing so it could heal, but progress was slow.  Dr. Butler followed up and then used stem cell injections and the wing then healed within a week.  Our Quaker parrot is now doing wonderful and we thank Dr. Butler for her knowledge concern for our pet." -- William G. -- Melbourne, FL 


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